Remco van Wijk

Remco van Wijk MSc designed the overall structure of this book. On the one hand, this structure had to reflect all the different aspects of the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) programme and its history. On the other hand, this structure had to provide those who want to work with SBR with a simple and precise understanding of all the elements and their relations. Remco is the main author of Chapter 1 (Introduction), Chapter 4 (Steering Change), Chapter 6 (I-Processes), Chapter 9 (Governance and Management) and Chapter 11 (Final Conclusions). He has also co-authored all the other chapters. Since 2007, Remco has played various roles on all levels of SBR and is often regarded as the ‘intellectual conscience’. For the partners of Logius – the shared service centre – Remco was the go-to guy during the prelude to mandatory business reporting via SBR. He also designed the organisational blueprint for the SBR chain services provided by Logius. Within the SBR programme, Remco continues to promote knowledge transfer, proper project/programme management and open innovation.

Remco is currently a member of the Board of Thauris. He regularly gives lectures and presentations about SBR and other chain innovations. Remco can be contacted via

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